Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Business


Word 2016

    • Share documents and work together with others in real-time.


  • “Tell Me” – the intelligent search feature: Search for information online without having to leave document that you have just opened.

Excel 2016

    • Six new graph types make it easier for you to visualise complex data. And thanks to the “Recommended Charts” function, data can be presented much more conveniently.


  • The forecasting function gives you a glimpse of future developments.

PowerPoint 2016

    • Numerous innovations and improvements make it easier to align objects and make colour selections.


  • Improved conflict resolution simplifies troubleshooting of problems that can occur during collaborative editing.

OneNote 2016

Outlook 2016

    • Sending email attachments has been made even easier since the most recently used files are now displayed — whether the files are stored locally or in the cloud.


    • The “Clutter” function moves low-priority messages to a separate folder, making it easier for you to stay on top of your emails.


  • Outlook provides you with people suggestions, to help you find contact details for people you communicate with regularly via email.

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